26 October 2011

25 October 2011

New Facebook Page

Alright we're gettin' all spiffy on the Facebook so now you can Like us! Just follow the link and click "Like"...or else...

Da Cat

We'd like to pay homage to surfing's original badass. Rude, brash, and probably full of shit, Miki Dora saw surfing's bubble gum era come to pass first hand and wanted nothing to do with the post-Gidget kooks invading "his" precious Malibu. With the help of legendary shaper and big wave surfer Greg Noll, they launched probably the greatest marketing ploy in the history of surfing based around Dora's signature model, Da Cat; preserving surfing's lost edge and attitude. So here's our tribute to you Dora, odds are you'd probably hate it. Enjoy.

19 October 2011


Alright you bodysurfing aficionados, listen up cause we're all stocked up and stoked out over here. We've just received in DaFins, the official swim fins of the United States Lifeguard Association, and favorites of bodysurfing legend and North Shore lifeguard Mark Cunningham. God himself might as well have just given us the perfect fin. But wait, there's more! Coming from the hands of true craftsman and bodysurfer Eric Simonson are a set of 4 new handplanes, foiled to perfection and fast as hell. If any of you were at the Swell Board Swap last September at Calafia (State Park), you know these things shred. These handplanes were the biggest hit of the day, at a surfboard demo day! At a cool $67, you can't beat the price either. A little Christmas bundle in the works, perhaps? Give us a ring at 949.661.6699 or just come in and stoke yourself out. Enjoy.

18 October 2011

Get Down On It

Alright folks, hop on the soul train and let's get real funky with it. For those of you lacking funky bones, here's some dance lessons on the house, courtesy of the one and only James Brown. Enjoy.

04 October 2011

The Doors

We like The Doors. They kick ass. That is all, enjoy.

Be Cool Man

Welp, it would appear the boys at Captain Fin Co. are at it again, this time with their new film, Be Cool Man. Needless to say there'll be old school kick-ass bikes, killer skate sessions with Greyson and Christian Fletcher, oh yeah and some surfing too. So throw on your spiffiest flannel and slap on that new Brixton hat and come down to Hurley Oct. 7th at 7:30 for some sweet tunes, PBR, and a bitchin' new flick. See you there.

Just in case some of you aren't familiar with the Captain Fin crew, here's a Brian Bent's section from their second movie, You Scratched My Anchor!