30 November 2011

Babe Wednesday

This week's Babe Wednesday is brought to you by the 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.


Stevie Danger

29 November 2011

North Shore

With it being primal season on the North Shore and all, we'd figure we'd share with you a little North Shore winter from seasons past, circa 1977. Enjoy.

25 November 2011

8'10" Cooperfish Hornet

We just got in a used 8'10" Cooperfish Hornet, and I use the word "used" lightly. This thing has barely been ridden, no pressure dings, no dings, it's immaculate. Beautiful mexican horse blanket style glass job on the bottom with 3" laps and a clean black pinline to finish it off. 1" balsa stringer, 10" glassed on fin, and pinched 50/50 rails. And all at $750, that's dirt cheap for a practically new Cooperfish. They don't even make this Hornet model anymore, and when they did they retailed at $1300 minimum. Come in and check her out, needless to say this gem isn't going to last long...

23 November 2011

Babe Wednesday

This year I'm thankful for...

22 November 2011

Enjoy More Gold Label

You know what, we don't think you got enough yesterday. Enjoy.

21 November 2011

Enjoy Gold Label

Look for the golden seal of approval when contemplating your new shred sled.

18 November 2011

Less is More

We've harped on this countless times before, but mini-simmons are the way to go a thousand times over. These things are so fun its ridiculous, it doesn't matter what kind of wave, what kind of conditions, these things just make an average day of surfing so much better. Here's our boy Chaka clearly loving his Tombstone. Enjoy.

Finless Squid Monster

For those of you finless freaks out there, here's a little "making of" movie of our old squid tail pirate plank. Thing's so rad!

Steve Boehne Finless Hand Shape from InfinitySURF on Vimeo.

16 November 2011

Babe Wednesday

Oh Olivia you make us oh so wilde...enjoy.

15 November 2011

Windows Vista: Surf and Destroy Edition

We're frothing on how the new window displays came out, "SURF AND DESTORY" and the BoehneBros anchor on one side, and the new Infinity Gold Label to compliment it. Enjoy.

Office Space

Just another day at the office

14 November 2011

The Budrows

Listen up cause we're slingin' some real blues your way. We're talking real blues here. This local three piece band from Aliso Viejo consists of Macarena Rivera's vocals, Jason Farthing on his very own self-built cigar box guitars, and Jesse Boden layin' down some real "growly harmonica licks". These guys have just been getting better and better, and they're certainly someone you'll have to see live. And not a second too soon, they'll be playing at Macalistaire in Laguna Beach (Just south of Mozambique) tomorrow, November 15, at 6:30. Enjoy.

09 November 2011

Babe Wednesday

Your beauty is beyond compare, with flaming locks of auburn hair...

Sexy Singlets

The first prototype of our new single fin, sure to be your new daily driver. One Country, One God, One Fin. Enjoy.

07 November 2011

Ruby's Quiver

9'0" modified Cluster (For Diana)
9'3" Playboy Special
5'11" I <3 80's shaped by Terry Senate

05 November 2011

Rock 'n Roll Ain't Dead

Even though the White Stripes ain't no more...

04 November 2011

Pete Casica's Stick for Sale

Pete Casica dropped off his 9'8" log for the first person to come and nab this beauty. One of only 2 Boehne Bros. longboards out there, this board's definitely one of a kind, complete with custom resin line put on by Pete himself, with his signature Felix the Cat icon. Flat rocker, 50/50 softened rails, 22 1/2" wide, and 3 1/2" thick. Throw a nice rakey pivot fin in and trim for daaayyyzzzzz. Only ridden a handful of times (no pressure dings!), at $450, you can't even pick up a shortboard that cheap. Cruise in and check her out. Enjoy.

03 November 2011

Stevie Danger Likes To Get Weird

Here's our boy Chaka, sliding on a few in absolute style. Notice the grace and poise in his surfing. What you can barely see in the first picture is he buckled and broke the first two feet of his nose. Look carefully, that nose is bent in two! I'd like to see anyone else have such control of two halves of a surfboard noseriding through the pocket. Enjoy.

02 November 2011

Babe Wednesday

Black and white is oh so right. Enjoy.

01 November 2011

Mellow Yellow

The only things that could make this board better suited for San-O is a 67 VW Bus, a BBQ, and a 6 pack. Measuring in at primal 9'6", 23" wide, and 3 1/2" thick, this beauty was made with the Point in mind. Big ol' bottom turn, trim, trim, and perch for days. This puppy's calling your name. Yellow opaque, double red and black pin lines, gloss polish, and all for under $900. We take care of you here, enjoy.