28 June 2012

Fully Loaded

Tools of the trade, Master Boehne's arsenal

27 June 2012

Babe Wednesday

It may be flatter than Kansas right now, but let's have hope for a little more *ahem* bump in our future...


20 June 2012

Babe Wednesday

It's International Surfing Day, and seeing as the waves suck and yet everyone is out in the lineup, we figured you could at least look at the hottest surfer alive.

18 June 2012

Splittin' Seeds

We loved the Infinity Gold Label single fin so much we decided to make a bigger one, keeping at our recent mid length frenzy. 7'2" x 21 1/2" x 2 7/8" Gold Label Pumpkin Seed, downturned rails, single fin box, and a bitchin' split jade and blue opaque on the deck.

15 June 2012

Aussie '68

Ruby was so amped on Steve's Aussie '68 vee bottom design, he decided to work with Steve on one for himself. These things are designed to be ridden much shorter than your typical longboard (upwards of a foot shorter), so he went 8'7" x 23" x 3 1/4", to cut the length a bit without sacrificing the volume the 8'10" in-shop demo has. Stay tuned…

Swing by the shop and check out the 8'10" demo. She's here for you to try, after all the Aussie '68 is a pretty radical and technical design, we wouldn't want anyone unsure about this thing. So come on down and give her a go, we promise you'll dig it.

13 June 2012

Babe Wednesday

It may be grey out but hey, it's not so bad...

10 June 2012


Alright folks, two of our favorite bands, Douglas and the Furs and the Budrows, will be performing together at the Commonwealth in Fullteron tonight at 9pm. Both bands have been killing it as of late, with the Furs on a hot streak, this being the second show of their residency at the Commonwealth, and, as the video below shows, playing a surprise show on the garage rooftop of the Wiltern after Jack White's show last week. The Budrows have been layin' down their foot-stompin' cigar box blues all over Southern California, playing shows at The Redwood Bar in LA, Avalon Bar in Costa Mesa, along the Sunset Strip, and more. So come on out to the Commonwealth tonight and see two of the best up-and-coming artists around (and plus, it's free, so there's no excuse for "not havin' the cover charge").

Also, check out Jason Farthing's (of the Budrows) hand made cigar box guitars, which are his instrument of choice in all the Budrow's sets:

Douglas and the Furs performing "Somethin' Scratchy"

The Budrows performing "Pile o' Bones"

08 June 2012

Allyson Heinmeyer

More of local female phenom Allyson Heinmeyer

06 June 2012

Babe Wednesday

Ahhh the summer days ahead. Enjoy.

04 June 2012


Jason Kenworthy, surf photographer extraordinaire (think Bruce Iron's flare barrel shot) and team photographer for the Nike team, has fallen in love folks...with the Tombstone. He's been putting some serious time in with our smallest sled and it's paid off in the form of some damn impressive surfing. He's been so stoked he's been passing it on to everyone around him, including Koa Smith (lastnamefirst.tv/). Here's Koa blowin' tail with a nice frontside punt. We've got a full run of these puppies from 4'10" to 5'6" to don't wait, cause we can promise they'll be gone soon.

Koa Smith

Jason Kenworthy graduating flight school

Jason Kenworthy

You're probably feelin' like a kid at a candy store...

01 June 2012

Tiny Trim's Greatest Hits

InfinTREE Private First Class CD Kinley and friends Andrew Demeter, Parker Harvey, and Dustin Strong(photos) won't let a small and sh*tty day of swell stop them from surfing. No sir, bust out the Tombstone and the logs and let the good times fly, CD and crew showing us how to froth over nothing.