30 March 2012

Fillin' In

Aliso Creek, 5:30pm, 30 March 2012

28 March 2012

Babe Wednesday

One god, one country, one piece. Enjoy.

27 March 2012


Gold Label rider Dustin Martnick, courtesy of Visualguyser.

26 March 2012

Photos via Andrew Jimenez

A few more photos from our buddy Andrew Jimenez from our recent project.

25 March 2012

Birthday Board

Infinity Gold Label shaper and shop guy Ruby's birthday was today, so he decided to make himself a new stick. 5'9" by 20" by 2 1/2" single fin and foiled to perform, this board ought to be a magic stick in small waves. Our good buddy Andrew Jimenez is an epic photographer and came out and documented the whole shape. He got some epic film shots (which we'll be sure to pass along once they're developed) and even got to snap a few of Master Boehne himself working on his new 19' tandem SUP for himself and Barrie. Nothin' quite like a new board on your birthday, eh?

22 March 2012

What's New

We've been working…really…even though you saw us at Creek this morning, we work sometimes too. Check out what we've been up to on our New In Stock page.

21 March 2012

Babe Wednesday

Seeing as we're gettin' some serious cold water, we thought we'd remind you guys that summer and nice 70 degree water is just around the corner. 

20 March 2012

Neon Kinger

Matt King cruised in last weekend and picked up a new stick, and he decided he wanted to get all sortsa colorful with it. So with the help of Ruby and 4 cans of spray paint, you'll be able to find Kinger within 10 miles of any break, a fluorescent blurr hangin' above the lip.

17 March 2012


Infinity Surfboards: Keepin' our women satisfied since 1970. Enjoy.

15 March 2012


Surfboards stamped with the Gold Label seal of approval.

9'3" Playboy Special
6'4" Hooker
5'10" Single Fin

More to come...new designs are being brainstormed and tested as we speak.

14 March 2012

Babe Wednesday

Sand and sun and a whole lotta fun. Spring is upon us and summer's almost here. Enjoy.

13 March 2012

Lady Slide

Makala Smith perched with poise.

09 March 2012

08 March 2012

Mr. Martnick

We nabbed a few photos from our boys at Hippy Tree of tribe advocate and Infinity team rider Dustin Martnick slidin' on a few. Enjoy.

07 March 2012

Babe Wednesday

Official Gold Label team mascot.

Dawn Patrol

Ruby on a lined up right this morning, Laguna secret spot.

06 March 2012

Douglas and the Furs

Rock n' Roll ain't dead, so long as these guys have something to say about it. Douglas and the Furs are a bitchin' three piece band hailing from Anaheim, with John Shively on lead vocals and drums, Douglas McCurdy on lead guitar, and Jared Henderson on bass guitar. There's no bullshit on stage with these three, just straight, face-melting, soul-pounding, rock n' roll. With songs like "Black Eyed Susan"; "…loyal to no man, the power to save, I leave it to Susan when it comes to another man's fate…", the days of poppy, hip, meaningless lyrics are behind us. Douglas and the Furs are on their way to jump starting a hard rock revival, true to its roots. Keep an eye, and certainly an ear, on them, and check them out on Facebook here and download their newest single, "You're Itching into My Mind"

Bleeding music

Douglas about to melt your face

05 March 2012

No Swell, No Problem

No swell, no problem. Our boy Stevie Danger holdin' it down when it's too small to even consider paddling out.