25 April 2012

Babe Wednesday

Just don't tell PETA about that lovely jacket…

24 April 2012

Makala Smith - State Champ

Makala Smith recently just killed it at the Scholastic Surf Series State Champs at the Oceanside Harbor the past three days, reigning victorious as Womens's State Champ, yeewwwwwww! Congrats Makala!

Surfing & Skateboarding & Bikinis

What more could you want?

23 April 2012


We cruised down to Don the Beachcombers in beautiful Sunset Beach this weekend to see Spindrift. If you haven't heard of these guys, enjoy the psychedelic western trip below. Think Jim Morrison meets Tennessee Ernie Ford in the Mojave desert…


20 April 2012

Matty Z's New Stick

Matt Zskcirdef just had us shape him a new stick, all he said was he wanted something weird, something he'd never ridden before, in a 9'0". So, after some contemplation and head scratching, we came up with this, a 9'0" x 22" x 2 7/8" modified Classic displacement hull. 50/50 rails, bellied entry and slight belly throughout, very moderate rocker, watch for Matt screaming past you a churches on this thing. Enjoy.

18 April 2012

Babe Wednesday

Hey bud, let's party…

Wedge Rats

Over the last few weeks, while everyone was frothing over what seemed to be endless combo swell, our boys Tyler Stanaland and Paulo Prietto (both Exile Skimboards team riders as well) were handling heavy Wedge. On skimboards. Yup these two got more barrelled in the last three weeks than you have all year, and without fins mind you. Enjoy.

Paulo Prietto (Photo: Bobby Okvist)

Paulo Prietto (Photo: Joe Little)

Tyler Stanaland (Photo: Bobby Okvist)

Tyler Stanaland (Photo: Robbie Crawford)

16 April 2012

Aussie Vee Bottom

Master Boehne just recently took a short break from pumping out racing paddleboards to carve out this beauty, an 8'10" by 23 1/2" by 3 1/8" remake of a late 60's Australian vee bottom (think Midget Farrelly and Bob McTavish). Deep single concave with bevelled rails in the nose leading out a large amount of vee out the tail, these things were designed with small waves in mind. We can't wait to see her come out of glassing. Enjoy.

11 April 2012

Babe Wednesday

We thought we'd keep the Easter spirit alive. Enjoy.

10 April 2012

Know Your Shaper

A few weeks back our friend Andrew Jimenez came out and took a few photos of Ruby working on his new board. Well, Andrew just sent us a shaping sequence and interview to follow all that up, so take a gander and get to know the newest shaper in the Infinity Surf family.


Went for a little dawn patrol session a la Strands with Stephen De Mille of REEL Lifestyles and local shred master Aaron Gomez. Enjoy.

09 April 2012

Stylin' Cobb

Mark Cobb has been riding for Steve for over 10 years now, and just picked up his newest sled, a 9'8" Gold Label Stylemaster. Red, yellow, and black resin work on the bottom with a baby blue tint on top and the "Gold Label" stamp of approval to finish it off. What a beauty.

Monday Blues

A little something to help ease those Monday blues.

08 April 2012

Happy Easter

A sunshiny Easter, complimented with PCH.
Victoria Beach.

04 April 2012

Babe Wednesday

Two for the money and...well...damn what a show.

02 April 2012


Sequence of our boy Garrett Jones gettin' some tip time at Blackies, Saturday 31 March 12